What’s New at TRX Training Club® in February

With January behind us, it’s time to stop thinking about our routines as “new year’s resolutions” and commit to making them a lifestyle. Your TRX Training Club® classes, for example. Perhaps you eased into 2022 by trying out a new-to-you format like TRX Strong or a different instructor; now’s the time to level up, maybe even challenge yourself to hit a new class goal! 

To get pumped for the short month ahead, let’s take a look at what’s new to TRX Training Club in February.

Bootcamp for everyone

The big news is we’re launching our first TRX bootcamp. While bootcamp is open to anyone, this six-week series is especially useful for folks who are new to the TRX Suspension Trainer™. The bootcamp will feature two new LIVE classes each week, which will immediately become available through TRX Training Club REPLAY. (We get it. Not everyone can gather at the same time for a workout, but we want to share the same workout experience with all bootcamp participants.) The Training Club team will also recommend a yoga or recovery session each week. Remember, rest days are part of training, too!

Ready to tackle bootcamp? While you’re at it, join our (free) TRX Training Club Facebook group, too. It’s a great resource for asking questions and sharing your progress. 

Woman holding a TRX plank

More core

Another new feature for TRX Training Club is the “Core” category in our On Demand video filters. Yes, if you’re a long-time TRX enthusiast, you know that a TRX workout is all core, all the time, but this is the place to be when you really want to torch those abs. If almost a half hour of core sounds like fun, check out Coach Louis Lopez’s Core Crusher session. Only have 10 minutes for a workout? Fire up Coach Phoenix Carnevale’s Combat Core.


Dive into collections

Here’s an idea for the technique sticklers in the crowd: Try working your way through our TRX Moves How-To Collections—more than 100 videos demonstrating how to do TRX exercises. Each video’s only a minute long, so these make a great add-on before or after a longer TRX Training Club workout.

TRX Training Club Guest Pass screenshot

Guest passes

Don’t forget: TRX Training Club members can give a 30-Day Unlimited guest pass to friends. Just go to the app, and look for the gift icon in the bottom right corner. Using a desktop? The gift icon will be in the top right corner next to your profile photo or initials.

Let’s keep the new year momentum running well past Valentine’s Day: 20 classes in 28 days, anyone? (Don’t worry—there are yoga and recovery options if TRX Burpees every day aren’t your speed yet.) Whatever your class preference or frequency, we can’t wait to sweat with you in TRX Training Club.

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